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(END) The Emoji Movie is here! We’ve all been awaiting this day, right? Ugh, we so would have loved to see a follow-up to Emoji Movie. Well, we are getting one… and it’s not just because our favorite characters from that movie are back! The 2018 “Emoji” film is also making its way to theaters, and as such, we can expect a completely different look at the original three emoji characters. So how do you feel about seeing an ‘Emoji Movie’? Do you think it will be worth your time and cash? Let us know in the comments!

What’s the difference between Emoji Movie and Disney’s “Cinderella”?

There are definitely some differences between the Disney film and the live-action Disney fairy tale, but the main ones are the romance between Cinderella’s vampyre master and her Prince Charming and the eponymous “Emoji” character. Both stories have a “Prince Charming” in the title, and Cinderella’s wish to be loved by a “Prince Charming” is the central theme of the film. While Cinderella definitely has a big “petascale” factor to give to the computer program, the “Emoji” characters feel more like the inspired, young version of Cinderella. Disney’s Cinderella is a romantic, Disney-like story, while the “Emoji” fairy tale is a largely joyless, children’s movie.

Why are there so many Emojis in this movie?

Well, first, there’s the “Emoji” model. The main characters from “Cinderella” are all based on the classic Disney character, Emoji, who first became famous for his adorable face. In this film, Emoji’s 3,000+ versions are actually used as chocolates. There are also the nonexistent Emojis of other characters, like that of Cinderella’s “tomboy”, who is in fact a man. Then, there’s the additional point of view from the lead character, which we are also introduced to as an Emoji. This one features Prince Charming, of course, and is, as we’re soon to learn, the movie’s happy-ever-after narrative

What will be in the movie?

Here’s the thing, though. Like in most Disney projects, there is a lot of story, but very little action. The only difference here is that in Disney’s version, the happy-ever-after is the ending, while in “Emoji” it’s the start. Both characters are introduced before the major events of the story take place, and the movie then follows their paths as they navigate the world together. Like in any Disney story, there are many side stories and odd happenings, but there’s also a general “main story” that we follow, uniting the three main characters (Cinderella, Prince Charming, and Emojis) through the journey of love.

Does the Emoji Movie have a good ending?

If you’re a long time Emoji fan, you probably won’t be surprised if you learn that the “Emoji” film has a great ending. The movie doesn’t offer much in the way of details, but viewers will soon discover that the seven-year old Emoji protagonist is actually a happy, old centenarian who has been waiting for his “Cinderella” sweet to come back to life. When he finally does, he names her “Cindy”, and she ends up being the most popular character in the entire theater.

Will there be any bonus features in the movie?

There is a “Tinder Box” scene where a young man moves into an apartment with seven other boys and girls, where they are all solely responsible for selecting which Emojis they want to feature on their relationship letter. The man and the other seven boys (the leading lady, of course) have a lot in common, and when the time comes to have sex, they are all fully aware of each other’s attractions, needs, and wants. It’s a really sweet, charming way to end the movie, and we can all be proud of the decision.

#Is there a “Tinder Box” scene in the movie?

There definitely is a “Tinder Box” in the movie, but it’s a brief and sweet moment between the leads, where they are all playing with their friends, who are all also in their teens. Like in any other Disney movie, there are also many other side stories, odd happenings, and uniting characters that we follow.

Are the Emojis in the movie any good to look at?

We truly have no words for the beautiful Emojis in “Emoji”, so we are just going to leave this here. The first thing we have to say is that the Emoji characters all have an appealing, sweet, childish appeal that is hard to shake off. There is a combination of features and appeal that will make our favorite characters stand out, but the most impressive thing about each one is how casual, free-spirited, and adorable they all are.

Do you think it’s worth your time and money?

This is a pretty expensive Disney movie, so don’t put money on our word that it isn’t worth your while or money. Disney has successfully communicated the love and affection between the main characters in each Mickey and Minnie movie, and that is something that Disney can always maintain in the annals of their credits. This film isn’t cheap, but it is definitely not expensive. If you are in the mood for a Disney film, this is one of the best options out there.

How do you feel about seeing an “Emoji Movie”?

We think it will be worth your time and cash. Both stories of Emoji have a romantic component, and the scenes where the three meet have a lot of light-hearted banter and fun. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out, but we think it will be worth your time and money.