Jili Fishing Games on Maxim88 Malaysia to Win Money

With fishing games becoming incredibly popular in the online gaming industry, it is understandable to see your interest. Many players love adventurous games. Unsurprisingly, more online game providers are now developing different forms of fishing games. This gaming category is gaming popularity due to the appealing visuals, exciting gameplay, useful features, and rewarding experience. 

In Malaysia’s iGaming industry, Maxim88 is arguably the best place to find different variants of fishing games. This is because the trusted online casino Malaysia offers multiple games from about three fishing game providers. Notably among them is Jili Games. The entertainment brand is renowned for providing slot games, arcade games, table games, and fishing games. In addition, all fishing games from Jili have a high return to player (RTP) percentage and low volatility.

If you are new to Maxim88, you may be a little confused on which fishing games to pick. Don’t fret; this happens even to the most experienced players when trying new games. To help guide your decision-making, this article about Jili Fishing games on Maxim88 is for you. Herein, you’ll learn about five vastly recommended fishing-themed games from Maxim88 patrons and experienced players. Enjoy reading:

1. Happy Fishing

Jili Games released Happy Fishing in 2020. It’s a combination of arcade and fishing games. Happy Fishing is considered an arcade because it involves shooting, while it is a fishing game because players need to hunt down marine creature. In other words, you’ll be exploring the ocean with the aim of neutralizing different species of fish and other water animals. The more rewarding animals you can kill, the more would be your point. 

Happy Fishing is highly recommended for various reasons. Firstly, it is designed with an impressive 950x multiplier. This means you get your bet multiplied by 950 when you get lucky with the multiplier. Meanwhile, you can also land the Deep Sea White Shark, which gives the Grand Prize of the game. Happy Fishing is available in multiple languages, such as Myanmar, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Chinese, etc. 

Some players are better suited for specific lineup slot based on their skills and abilities.

2. Bombing Fishing

Compared to Happy Fishing, this iGaming product was released a year earlier. It’s also another arcade-fishing combo game. However, the multiplier is even more impressive at 1200x. Bombing Fishing keeps players rooted to their seats with appealing graphics and immersive sounds. The game is basically designed to make players rich with several features.

Bombing Fishing features Drill Bit Lobster, Immortal Boss, Bounty Game, Torpedo, Awaken Boss, and Special Weapon. Each of the features has its benefit for players. For instance, clicking on the Torpedo launcher enables you to destroy large fish on the screen and get massive points. By killing the Ocean kings, you can activate Power-ups and get multiplier prizes. So, it’s recommendable to get familiar with the features and use them to your advantage.  

3.  Dinosaur Tycoon

This fishing game was released in the same year as Bombing Fishing. Likewise, it has an impressive 1500x multiplier. As the name suggests, it is a Dinosaur-themed fishing game with various weapons. Dinosaur Tycoon gives you the classic feeling of being in Jurassic Park, hunting down the scary creations of nature.

Dinosaur Tycoon stands out with an incredible list of bonuses. These include Tomb Bomb, Dragon Thief, Sledgehammer, Thunderstorm, Destruction Meteor, and Pterosaur. If you can manage to activate the toad bomb, you can kill every close small dinosaur. Using Pterosaur to your advantage requires throwing a grenade after shooting down the dinosaur. In this way, you get to destroy any relics close by and win more. 

4.  Jackpot Fishing

Here is another 2019 class of fishing games from Jili Games. Jackpot Fishing is a high-speed arcade-fishing game. In other words, you need a combination of accuracy and speed to win the game. Jackpot Fishing is characterized by high odd species and some random extra 5x multipliers if you catch the right fish. Rather than massive multipliers, this fishing game is designed with jackpots. In other words, you can land breathtaking sums at any time. 

Jackpot Fishing enables players to harness three progressive jackpot pools, super prizes, free large-range bullets, real money rewards, and weekly cash rebates. These exciting offers encourage players to engage in Jackpot Fishing frequently. If you are looking for a perfect fishing game to win life-changing money, check out this Jili game. 

5.  Dragon Fortune

This is a Dragon-themed fishing game that was released in 2020. Dragon Fortune features jewel dragons that multiply your prizes. Players are worldnewsfact required to conquer the Sky Dragon to carry away all their wealth. By killing the Sky Dragon, you can win 500x your bet. Meanwhile, the highest multiplier in Dragon Fortune is 800x. In other words, it only gets more exciting in your conquest. 

During the game, you may choose to engage in normal shooting, target lock, or auto-fire. These game modes enable players to do other things while enjoying the gaming session. For instance, you can place the game on auto-fire and quickly bet on the sportsbook available in the Maxim88 Malaysia casino. Feel to use the missile or electric gun when necessary to win more money. 


As a new member of Maxim88, feel free to explore travelnowworld the fishing games from Jili. All the games have high RTP values and low volatility. Also, they are accessible on smartphones, including Android and iOS devices. In other words, you can enjoy the game at any time or place without your big-screen device, such Tablet or PC. 

Also, playing on Maxim88 means you can be confident travellworldnow in your private betting experience. The online casino is protected with an encryption system, two-factor authentication protocol, and a tested firewall. So you don’t have any concerns about personal information and funds. With several bonuses and promos from Maxim88, you can expect a memorable fishing game experience on the trusted betting site. Good luck!