Is IPL losing Its Charm, And What Could Be The Reason?

This year, the Indian Premier League will begin its sixteenth season. In addition, there are currently more than 11 significant T20 leagues worldwide. But given everything going on, is the IPL losing its allure? T20 cricket has become a popular form of spectator sport. A three-hour game with falling wickets and boundaries keeps the crowd entertained. Conversely, a league or tournament with more than 70 games played over the course of three months makes the competition less alluring.

It is extremely uncommon for a league’s primary sponsor to discontinue their sponsorship after the league management takes over. Certainly, the frequent sponsor changes are a topic of discussion as to why the IPL is losing its allure. Since the first season of play, DLF has been the league’s primary partner. From 2008 through 2012, they continued to be their primary sponsor.

Lalit Modi was suspended from the BCCI at the conclusion of the fifth IPL season after being accused of misconduct, indiscipline, and financial irregularities, and DLF decided to discontinue its relationship with the prestigious event. Real estate magnate Delhi Land & Finance chose to break its contract with IPL because of numerous problems.

The Indian league inked a five-year contract with Pepsi before the sixth season in 2013, but that contract lasted only two years. As a result, the league also had to terminate its agreement and opted to stop being the main sponsor. After the 2013 spot-fixing controversy, Pepsi’s reputation was once again damaged. Chinese smartphone manufacturer VIVO arrived when Pepsi left the scene, renewed their contract for another five years, and signed a deal.

However, following the Indian and Chinese Army forces engaging in a military face-off in Galway Valley, the band took a year off due to backlash, and Dream11 was substituted for it for the following 14 seasons before VIVO once more took over. However, after that, the band returned.

This year, the cash-strapped league will have a new major sponsor, TATA, an organization with strong Indian nationalist sentiments. How long will TATA continue to be the IPL’s primary sponsor? What if another controversy, conflict, or charge damages a brand’s reputation?

IPL 2022 had two new franchises, and 74 matches spread out over just over two months. Only the breadwinners, who are connected to cricket media and perhaps who play fantasy cricket, may have viewed every game. Naturally, the rest were too exhausted to take in the action of the most prestigious T20 competition in the world. The IPL is rapidly losing television viewership, according to the most recent data from BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council). Compared to last year, the viewership among those aged 15 to 21 has dropped by about 40% in IPL 2022. There is no question that it is worrisome.

The rest of the cricket-playing nations refrain from traveling to any nation when IPL matches are taking place and typically allow their players to play and compete in the world’s richest tournament. Critics have questioned why, out of a year, only nine months are available for playing cricket and traveling to other countries. The extravaganza has even caused the ICC World Cup activities to be postponed.