How to automatically get subscribers to your Telegram channel

If you need to automatically get subscribers on Telegram and send out invitation links to users, then this article is for you.

Auto-receive subscribers and welcome newsletters in Telegram

Auto Acceptance is a feature in the Fleep service that automatically approves all requests to join your channel! You can then send messages to users on behalf of your bot.

A reliable and working way to get live subscribers to your Telegram channel is to use the SMM site For example, you can get likes and views if you have a YouTube, Tik Tok or Instagram account. The methodology is completely safe.

There are two ways to send newsletters:

  1. send one welcome message to all new subscribers. In this case the Fleep.posting bot is used for the mailing.
  2. Collect subscribers in your bot and be able to send newsletters in any quantity and at any time. In this case the bot is used for sending newsletters and gathering the base.

To create the bot you want: launch @FleepBot, select the Fleep.posting or button, then follow the internal instructions.

Automatic way to get subscribers to Telegram online: It is also possible to increase views and likes for social networks Tik Tok, YouTube and Instagram. The methodology is very simple and fast.

An example of how to use Auto Acceptance

Auto Acceptance: Vanya the admin bought an ad in a major channel. In the ad post, he inserted a new invitation link for new subscribers to apply to join.

To avoid sitting around 24 hours a day approving thousands of new applications to join, Vanya enabled the “Auto Acceptance of Subscribers” feature. Now the process of joining new members is automatic. The bot does everything on its own, and Vanya quietly minded his own business.

Automatic Greeting: After automatically-approved application for joining, new subscribers Vanya can send an automatic message from his flip bot. This feature directly helps you increase your reach and earn more.

Which bot should I choose for my newsletters – Fleep.posting or

Fleep.posting – you can send one welcome message, right after a new subscriber joins.

This is part of your bot, you do NOT have to pay extra for it. – you can collect a base of subscribers in this bot to send any number of mailings to these people. As well as: create your own menu in the bot, watch statistics, connect the cash register for payment, unload the user base, configure commands, auto-answers and much more. is paid separately, you can see the rates here.

Examples of automatic greeting:

  • greeting new subscribers increases audience loyalty;
  • you can specify a link to other channels in your greeting and immediately redirect incoming traffic to them;
  • you can sell ad space in your greeting;
  • you can automatically collect two independent subscriber bases – in your channel and in the bot, and sell ads in them separately.

How to set up Auto Acquisition of Subscribers

  1. Open your channel and go to “Channel Management” – “Administrators”.

Here you need to check your bot’s rights for posting. It is important that your bot has permissions to add members. If not, make sure you tick the checkbox and save.

  1. Now, you need to enable the auto-accept function in your bot. To do this, open the Settings section of your bot for posting.
  2. In the settings section, click on “Manage requests
  3. In the “Manage Requests” section, you will need to select the channels for which you want to enable this feature. Each channel is configured separately.
  4. When you have selected the channel to configure the greeting, you will need to turn on auto-acceptance.

Done, now all entry requests in the marked channels will be approved automatically.

How to set up auto-greeting

While in the “Manage Applications” section, click on the “Welcome Settings” button to customize the text for the newsletter, as well as select the bot on whose behalf the messages will come. There will be three buttons inside.

“Enable/Disable Greeting” – Click this button to enable or disable automatic greetings.

“Message” – in this section you customize the text to send to your users.

Select Bot – here you choose on behalf of which bot you want new subscribers to receive messages. You can choose any of your flip bots, it can be Fleep.posting or bot.

Which bot you can choose to send messages to:

You can use any bot created with the Fleep service to send newsletters to users.

If you want to send newsletters using, and you don’t already have a bot created for business, start @FleepBot first, select the button, then follow the internal instructions.

What it looks like for subscribers

  1. The subscriber clicks on your invitation link they saw in the ad.
  2. He then sees a window where he can apply to join. He clicks on it.
  3. 3 He receives a message that his application will be reviewed and accepted.
  4. Instantly and automatically subscribes to the channel.
  5. If you set up a greeting, the subscriber gets a message from your bot (even if he hasn’t interacted with it before).

Important: Fleep accepts the request instantly, but the subscriber does not see it right away. They will either find your channel in their feed later, click the link again right away to join your channel, or get a bot message from you welcoming them back.

Where do I get the right invitation link?

To create an invitation link, open Channel Management, then click on Invitation Links.


  1. Your channel must be closed (private).
  2. You must check the box next to “Requests for Membership”.